246x96cm. Aukščiausios kokybės triukų aitvaras. Juo gali skristi tiek aukščiausio lygio profesionalai, ties pradedantieji. Platus vėjo spektras, tobulas valdymas leis atlikti praktiškai visus įmonomus triukus

199,00 €
Su mokesčiais pristatymas per 2-3 dienas nuo išsiuntimo
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The Zebra Kite is the result of a co-operation between HQ and trick enthusiast Helge Gosau. This freestyle kite impresses with clever detail solutions and amazing flight precision. The trick performance of the Zebra Kite is breathtaking. Ground tricks such as Ground Toss, Flap Jack and K2000 can be executed very well and in a way that is easily comprehensible. Side Slides and Stalls seem to be endless. The Zebra Kite dominates flat Axels and rotates as flat as a pancake through Slot Machines, 540s and Taz Machines. The kite fades like a dream – as long as you like and very stable. Backflip tricks are easily accessible, Jacob’s Ladders, Multi Lazys, Comets and Flic-Flacs are no challenge at all. Although the Zebra Kite is not a pure competition kite, high-end tricks such as Yo-Fade and Crazy Copter succeed easily. Due to its neutral settings the Zebra Kite is aimed not only at advanced users and trick experts, it also offers beginners a solid base for learning their first tricks. The wind range of the Zebra Kite is enormous and ranges from 6 - 35 km/h. The Zebra Kite is equipped with a 3-point bridle and a tension line which can be adjusted from slightly humming to whisper-quiet.

With: 240 cm

Height: 90 cm

Sail: Icarex

Frame: Carbon / Sky Shark 3PT + P3X

Line: 70 kp, recommended

Wind: 2-5 Bft. (6-35 km/h, 4-22 mph)

Age: +14

Gamintojas: HQ Invento (Vokietija).