HQ Cirrus Ruby

115x51 cm Aukštos kokybės sportinis aitvaras

63,99 €
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Cirrus offers features that are otherwise only found in higher price brackets. Endless fun for beginners and experienced pilots is guaranteed with this exciting kite that combines quality with thrilling performance. Equipped with a light and rigid carbon frame, the Cirrus offers excellent flying characteristics over a very wide wind range from 1-7 Beaufort. Cirrus flies with a noticeable pull even during low wind conditions. In stronger wind Cirrus zooms through the sky at breath-taking speeds.

Width: 115 cm / 45

Height: 51 cm / 20

Sail: Ripstop-Polyester

Frame: Carbon 3 mm

Line: inkl. 25 kp / 55 lb., 2 x 25m / 80 ft. on winder with straps

Wind: 1-7 Bft. (4-55 km/h, 2-34 mph)

Age: 10+

Reikalingas vėjas: 6-38 km/h

Gamintojas: HQ Invento (Vokietija).