YoYoFactory KUI Yo-Yo

Skersmuo: 56,23 mm

Plotis: 46,46mm

Svoris: 66,8 g

Tinka C Center Trac guoliai.

Visiškai metalinis korpusas su polikarbonato dangteliu ir LED šviesomis

Sukurtas kartu su vienu žymiausiu profesionaliu žaidėju iš Kinijos Yicheng Luo.

55,99 €
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YoYoFactory KUI

Introducing KUI. A yo-yo designed to be THE choice for your pocket when the sun sets. It is the only yo-yo in its class. A Precision metal body paired with bright LED lights encased under a polycarbonate cap that peaks just so slightly out past the body to allow the player to see just as well as anyone watching, and yes, they will be watching. Its stunning!

To further encourage night play and the creation of social media content we all love, the Kui comes packaged with a BLACKLIGHT LED light that can be powered by a basic powerbank (ie. USB). Plug it in and your string GLOWS. set up your shot and film amazing night time videos to share with all your friends. They will want a Kui too.

Kui is the creation of a partnership between Yoyofactory.cn and Yicheng Luo. Yicheng Luo is undoubtably the most famous professional yoyo player in China. In 2008 he hopped on a plane by himself, flew to the USA and walked on stage as a previously unknown player to take 4th place at the World Yo-Yo Contest. Since then he has never stopped contributing Currently Xichang, Sichuan Province, he teaches yo-yo class, and designs Yo-Yos.

Gamintojas: YoYoFactory

Guoliai: 1

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