220x84cm. For fans of top quality speed and strength. Extremely manoeuvrable, fast and sharp. Racing kite. Get ready for new experiences. And make sure you fly safely to the people and animals around you.

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Arrow is an extremely dynamic real racer that combines power and speed in an incredible manner to provide challenging flight experiences. Astonishingly tight wing tip loops and high speeds, even in lower wind conditions, guarantee sporty and endless fun. The Arrow takes off easily and runs on rails through the air, cutting cleanly through gusty winds and staying on course - those are properties not characteristic for kites in this class. With medium to high wind conditions, pilots must be ready for a challenge. In addition, the appealing carbon design and broad, crescent-shape appearance help makes the Arrow a unique kite.

With: 220 cm

Height: 84 cm

Sail: Ripstop-Polyester

Frame: Carbon 6 mm

Line: 100 kp rec.

Wind: 2-7 Bft. (6-60 km/h | 4-37 mph)

Age: +16